Lighting is art.
Lighting is a new experience.
Lighting is infinite possibilities.


Cubee Lighting Technology continues to bring dazzling light to the lighting industry with its unique intelligent lighting technology and innovative ideas. As a subsidiary of HEP Group, we focus on intelligent lighting products and have gathered a team full of vigor, impulse and creativity. Our team consists of R&D engineers with 20 years of experience in LED lighting, an experienced interface design team, and lighting design professionals, which continues to bring unprecedented horizons and visions to the lighting industry.

About CUBEE Lighting

We are deeply committed to the field of smart lighting, and at the same time pursuing continuous innovation, through forward-looking research and development, so that each light exudes the charm of modern technology. Whether it is home lighting, commercial lighting or hotel lighting, our products are the ultimate in taste and practicality.

As a member of the HEP Group, we have tremendous support and resources. Not only do we specialize in lighting technology, but we also have one of the world's top luxury car sales teams, Cubee is, presenting innovative automotive technology to the world, and in October 2023, we proudly announced the opening of a new location in Shanghai, Cubee is, with a flagship Asian showroom that boasts a global presence. This allows us to be more closely aligned with our global customers and the industry to meet the challenges of the future.

In addition to this, Cubee Lighting Technology's subsidiary is ON Lichttechnik GmbH, a German high-end lighting brand, which demonstrates our strength in the international arena. Germany has always been known for its exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality manufacturing. ON provides more cutting-edge technology and innovative design concepts to the industry, and together with Cubee Lighting Technology, we create even more outstanding lighting products.

With the strong support of HEP Group, we will continue to develop the international market and at the same time provide more practical lighting solutions for global users.