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In today's design field, lighting is not only a decoration of space, but also a key element to break the ordinary and create a unique atmosphere.We invite you to join us on a unique and compelling creative journey.

By collaborating with our team of lighting professionals, you will have the opportunity to infuse your design with a unique style of lighting to create an unparalleled visual effect. Each light is an extension of your design concept, transforming the space into an artwork full of life and personality.

Our lighting team has a wealth of technical experience and a keen sense of aesthetics. Through mutual communication and cooperation, we will be able to realize the perfect combination of technology and aesthetics, ensuring that each lighting fixture meets practical needs while pursuing the ultimate visual art.

CUBEE Lighting is a market leader in Taiwan's premium lighting segment and one of the leading lighting brands in Taiwan.With steady growth, CUBEE Lighting has become one of the most dynamic companies in the industry.

Diverse World of Lighting

The multiplicity of lighting is an endless field of exploration, which goes beyond the simple function of providing light to become a source of inspiration for spatial design.This multiplicity is reflected in the richness and diversity of various light sources, lighting designs and lighting effects, injecting unique characteristics into different spaces and occasions.

Home to commercial space, art exhibitions to outdoor landscape, lighting applications are extremely diverse areas. Different occasions require different lighting solutions, thus demonstrating the diversity of lighting in creating atmosphere, emphasizing details and enhancing taste.

Overall, the diversity of lighting is a rich expression, which highlights the fact that lighting is not only a simple functional requirement, but also a form of art that can shape space, emotion and style. This multiplicity makes lighting become an extremely inspirational and expressive element in spatial design.

Our Services

Lighting Planning

We integrated the lighting control system including switches, dimmers, and remotes to achieve flexible control of lighting for energy saving and improved user comfort.

Scene Setting

We achieve different atmospheric effects in different areas through the lighting settings of the scene, in order to achieve the best utilization of space.

Installation Support

Prior to the installation process, the team conducts an on-site assessment, taking into account the characteristics of the space, usage requirements, safety standards and other factors to ensure the best possible lighting system.

Structural Proposals

Provide advice and assistance on lighting design to ensure that the chosen lighting solution meets the style and functional needs of the space, and provide technical support to resolve technical issues that may arise during installation.

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