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Lodes originated in 1950 from founder Angelo Tosetto’s passion for glass, and under the guidance of continuous technical research, the company has become one of Europe’s leading designers and producers of decorative lighting, and is now active in 90 markets worldwide.


Today, Lodes specializes in developing light sources using modern design and state-of-the-art technology combined with the finest materials and the best processing techniques. Over the course of three generations, the company has evolved from a pure passion to providing the most amazing architectural solutions. The company has been recognized as one of the most dynamic Italian companies according to the “2020 Growth Champion” survey, as well as the 2021 survey published in the weekly business and financial magazine La Repubblica.

Pride and Persistence from Italy

The traditional handmade glass craftsmanship inherited for centuries.
A priceless art treasure for modern society.

Europe's leading decorative lamp

Combining technical expertise and the finest Italian design, Venice-based Lodes has been designing and producing interior and exterior lighting solutions since 1950. Inspired by founder Angelo Tosetto’s passion for glass, the company has evolved through continuous technological research and is now one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting, currently present in 90 markets worldwide.


As time goes by, LODES lamps are getting more and more attention and favor from all over the world. As the distributor of LODES in Taiwan, we hope to introduce these exquisite lamps to more people, so that everyone can feel the light and warmth brought by LODES.


From design to manufacturing, LODES always insists on quality and creativity. Whether it is in a home environment or a commercial place, LODES lamps can bring a unique charm and atmosphere to your space.


If you want to inject some special light into your life, welcome to Trinity’s distribution centers across the province to experience the magic brought by LODES.

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Lodes creates lamps that blend contemporary design and innovative technology, using the highest quality materials, crafted by artisans whose skillful workmanship is infused with years of accumulated experience to bring the lamps to life.