The pendant light is an excellent choice for interior decoration, combining elegant design with excellent functionality. Selected materials and craftsmanship ensure high quality and durability. Pendant lamps provide soft and even illumination, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. A wide range of styles and designs are available to suit different venues and personal preferences. Dimmable and color-adjustable functions make the lighting effect more flexible and versatile. Whether for a living room, restaurant, or office, our chandeliers can add unique charm and style to your space.

General lighting

Smart lighting

Matte Black


Full Voltage

Luminous flux

1300 lm

Power consumption

22 W

Color temperature

2700K / 3000K / 4000K


90 CRI

Beam angle

Spot (20 °) / Medium spot (30 °) / Wide (40 °) / Wide (60 °) / Zoomable (25 °) / Zoomable (45 °) / Flood

Control type

ON/OFF / Triac / DALI / 0-10V / AMO Smart Lighting

Cut out hole

None / mm


67 mm







IP rating

IP 20

We are committed to providing you with the industry's longest 3-year warranty to ensure the quality of your purchase. We recommend that you read and follow the relevant maintenance and usage guidelines to ensure that your product remains in optimum condition during use. During this period, you can be assured of our professional support and service, and we will endeavor to provide you with excellent solutions to any problems you may encounter.