Random Cloud

Random Cloud

Random Cloud captures the essence of why a cloud continues to fascinate us: voluminous yet simultaneously light and ethereal. Random Cloud reimagines the chandelier concept in a contemporary manner, expanding the collection in functionality. The extensive range of composition and configuration options makes Random Cloud a versatile solution suitable for home, hospitality, and office environments.

Random Cloud was designed not just as a decorative and impactful element but also as a highly functional and high-performance chandelier, emitting light up to 11040 lumens.

Each composition option can be achieved by selecting one of the seven available finishes, featuring spheres with diameters of 23 or 28 cm. This provides various decorative solutions adaptable to any context and style.

Imported lighting



110V / 220V

Luminous flux

6720 lm

Power consumption

56 W

Color temperature

2700K / 3000K


90 CRI

Control type


Cut out hole

None / mm


4000 mm







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