The track light has a multi-head design, adjustable angle and direction, adopting advanced LED technology to provide high brightness and adjustable color temperature, suitable for all kinds of indoor places. Stylish design, perfect match with modern decorations, durability, good heat dissipation, and waterproof and dustproof function. Intelligent control can be connected with a smart home system to realize remote control and timer switch. Easy to operate, energy-saving, and efficient, creating a comfortable and cozy lighting environment for you.

General lighting

Smart lighting

Matte Black


Full Voltage

Luminous flux

420 lm

Power consumption

10 W

Color temperature

2700K / 3000K / 4000K


90 CRI

Beam angle

Narrow spot (10 °)

Control type

ON/OFF / Triac / DALI / 0-10V / AMO Smart Lighting

Cut out hole

Track / mm


85 mm






355 °

Swivel angle

90 °

IP rating

IP 20

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